Cold Weather Coffee is Here in Daphne

Coffee in Daphne

Coffee. It’s the American’s version of the Brit’s obsession with tea. Over the past few years, luxury coffee has risen in popularity. As our palettes have become more defined, gas station joe will simply no longer do. Daphne has a number of cozy shops serving up high-quality coffee this winter. Whether you need a place to gather with friends or a spot to get some work done, you’ve got to make these coffee shops a part of your tradition.

Types of Coffee

Before you check out the shops, it helps to know what to look for once you’re there. When it comes to coffee extraction, there are five main methods that shops use today.

First, there’s the traditional drip brew. This is the method of coffee-making that you likely use at home. It consists of a machine that pumps hot water into a filter reservoir to soak with the beans and drip into the pot below. Drip brews have the highest caffeine content of all the standard extraction techniques.

Next, there’s the French Press. Some coffee shops will let you take the entire press back to your table to enjoy several cups or share with friends. It consists of a glass container where coffee grounds and hot water are mixed together, then the grounds are separated via a mesh plunger.

The third extraction method is called pour over. This is one of the most laborious techniques, but it produces exceptional flavor. It involves grounds and a filter, but the amount of water is added slowly and by hand.

A well-known technique is the espresso shot. This method of coffee-making involved forcing high-pressure, high-temperature water through finely-ground coffee beans over a specific timeframe. It produces a concentrated shot of coffee in a short amount of time, making it the perfect base for drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Lastly, there’s cold brew coffee. Contrary to the name, this coffee can be served cold or hot. To make it, baristas mix coarsely-ground coffee and water and let it sit for 12-15 hours. This allows for a slow, smooth extraction of coffee flavors while leaving many of the bitter compounds behind.

Daphne Coffee Shops

Now that you know what types of coffee to look for, check out some of these local shops and order a cup!

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