Have You Seen the Selection at Southern Napa Fine Wine House?

Southern Napa Fine Wine

Southern Napa says it’s the “finest wine store in the South.” That’s a bold statement, but it backs it up with its inventory. This unique wine shop has wines you won’t find anywhere else, all in a quaint, home-like environment. Stop by, grab the bottle of red or white you’ve been searching for, and invite some friends over for a dinner party. The right bottle of wine makes every party more fun.

A Diverse Inventory

The first thing you’ll notice is the wine store has a diverse inventory, ensuring there is wine for all budgets and tastes. You can get a bottle of $20 wine, or you can go for something much more expensive. The owners have stocked the shelves with about every type of wine out there, but if you want something they don’t have, they will get it for you. They are also always available with a suggestion if you need help picking out the right bottle. If you have a special occasion coming up and don’t know what type of wine to serve, let Carrie and Jim know. They are full of recommendations.

Try Some Wine While Shopping

Southern Napa has a wine machine in the store. You can order some samples out of the machine to try. When you get your samples, be sure to ask for some cheese and crackers to eat with your wine. This little snack makes the wine even more enjoyable. These aren’t your average cheeses, either. The owners have some interesting ones for you to try. They are selected based on how they go with wine, and it’s the perfect pairing.

Sign Up for the Email List

You need to sign up for the email list when you stop by the store. Southern Napa hosts wine tastings and other events throughout the year, and if you are on the list, you’ll be the first one to know when something comes up. The events will give you access to new and unique wines, and you will also get to enjoy some food.

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More Than Wine

Keep in mind this spot isn’t just for wine lovers. Southern Napa also has a nice assortment of craft beer. You can find local craft beer, as well as beer from brewers all the way in Scotland.

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