How to Set Up an Amazing Easter Egg Hunt with Your Off-Roading Jeep

Colorful Speckled Easter Eggs for Easter Egg Hunt

Your kids are used to the Easter Bunny dropping eggs off in the backyard. While that’s been a fun tradition, why don’t you take it up a notch this Easter by letting your off-roading Jeep get in on the fun? You just need a little creativity and you can create a new tradition this year.

Start with the Trails

You need to start by finding some trails. Stick with one of your local trails, or make a fun trip to Boggs and Boulders Offroad Adventure Park for some crazy off-roading fun. Either way, you are in for a real adventure.

Use the Same Playbook as the Easter Jeep Safari

Next, you will need to come up with an Easter egg hunt plan. You can come up with one from scratch, or you can borrow from the same playbook that the Easter Jeep Safari uses. The Easter Jeep Safari is a yearly event for off-roading enthusiasts. The nine-day event consists of trail rides and lots of fun. The organizers plan out the trails and tell riders where to go. It uses an assortment of trails to ensure that everyone has fun, and you can do the same thing. Come up with a list of trails, and let everyone know where they need to stop to search for eggs. Then, once the eggs are cleared in a section, have everyone get back in the Jeep and go to the next trail. You can use as many trails as you want for your hunt.

Safety First!

Keep in mind that you always want to be safe when off-roading in your Jeep. Make sure that the kiddos have proper safety attire on so everyone can have a fun time on the Easter egg hunt.

If you have the eggs but don’t have the Jeep, Chris Myers CJDR in Daphne, AL is here to help. Visit the dealership, look through the available options, and pick one out. You can fill out the paperwork and take it home today. That will give you time to have a little fun with it before Easter rolls around.


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